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Most common questions about the services provided.

1.  What is the general procedure for contracting the service?


The sheet music must be sent by e-mail, including general information about what you would like to order.
Once the request is received, a quotation is made and sent to the customer. Included in the email is the price, delivery time and other specific conditions associated with the service.
If these conditions are accepted by the customer, the next step is to proceed with the agreed upon payment. Once the payment has been received, the work begins immediately.



2.  What payment systems do you accept?


Payment must be made through PayPal. This system is recognized as the safest for online transactions.



3.  How long will it take you to deliver the finished work?


Everything depends on the length and complexity of the score to be recorded. A song with a standard structure (5 minutes) has an approximate delivery time of 48 to 72 hours.



4.  In what format should the sheet music be sent?


The sheet music must be in PDF format. In some cases, it may be in MIDI format.



5.  In addition to the sheet music, what information should be provided by the customer so that the recording and editing work proceeds correctly?


For electric guitar, it is essential to know the diameter of the strings and everything related to the positioning of the pickups to get the desired sound. If the customer does not define these, the decision is made based on the musical style involved and other technical considerations.
It should also be noted that the more details the sheet music has, such as comments about dynamics, etc., the better the final result will be in terms of quality and adaptation to customer’s expectations.



6.  In what format is the recorded track delivered?


My recording system is based on Avid products. I can collaborate directly in the Avid Cloud to deliver the track with or without effects in the program Pro Tools.
The track can also be delivered in audio format, which is ready for playback.



7.  Does the customer have the right to request modifications and/or corrections to the final delivered product?


Yes, the customer may request modifications or corrections to any note or phrase of the original sheet music sent if expectations are not met. In this case, corrections or re-recordings will be made, without any extra costs.
This does not include, of course, new extensions to the original sheet music, nor complex applications related to issues that were not written on that sheet music. Nor will it be possible for the customer to request changes to the final product if the customer did not make the decisions for themselves (either through ignorance or omission), but instead left the decisions to be made by me. This could include decisions made about the diameter of the strings, the positioning of the pickups (electric guitar), etc.



8.  Does the customer have the right to request a refund of the money in the case of not being satisfied with the final delivered product?


If there are justified reasons for the customer not being satisfied with the work delivered, they can effectively request the full refund of the payment made. PayPal is used precisely for the security provided to the customer in such cases.
Justified reasons to request reimbursement of payment could be, for example: failure to comply with agreed upon deadlines, incomplete recording of the ordered sheet music, the existence of a large number of musical and/or technical errors in the delivered product, low sound quality of the product delivered, among others.

If you have questions, please  contact me